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Trovare Capital was created by Randy Cecola to focus exclusively on making equity investments in middle market companies in partnership with management across a broad spectrum of opportunities throughout the United States. Trovare sources or sponsors investments in management buyouts, recapitalizations, and growth financings, as well as in distressed companies via restructurings, recapitalizations and asset purchases. Through disciplined and diligent investment selection, active involvement with its portfolio companies, and reliance on the operating skills of its management partners, Trovare expects to achieve superior rates of return.

In most of its investments, Trovare is the lead equity investor and has a controlling interest in the portfolio company though we will consider minority investments where we can obtain adequate shareholder rights. Trovare is dedicated to executing well-structured investments that minimize risk while providing superior returns to investors. In nearly all cases, its role will be that of an owner and active member of the board of directors.

Trovare specializes in management buyouts. Our investing activities are made on behalf of our primary investor. As the vehicle for our primary investor, we make our money by the increased value over time of our stake in portfolio companies. We typically have a significant portion of our personal assets committed to these investments, and we share the risks of ownership.

Our investor capital may be used to provide full or partial liquidity to entrepreneurs, family members, passive investors or corporate owners. Alternatively, our investment may take the form of a capital infusion to a company seeking to finance growth or to consummate an acquisition.

Trovare pursues investments in which the firm brings more than just money. Trovare’s experienced investor leverages Trovare’s resources, experience and franchise to the benefit of smaller portfolio companies. Our investment professional provides a sophisticated investment approach designed to support management’s vision for growth and value creation. Trovare is engineered to meet the unique needs of entrepreneurially-led growth companies as well as the needs of companies in the midst of a distress situation.

Trovare endeavors to be a reliable investor in the investment community. Our goal as an institution is to be the vehicle by which our partner can identify opportunities to deploy capital and achieve superior returns on investment that exceed those earned through the public stock markets, as measured by the various mid- and small-cap indexes. The keys to our successes include: the patience to remain focused and invest wisely; the proactivity that enables us to maximize our investment portfolio’s value; and the creativity to see the hidden value that others do not see.

Trovare’s capital is provided primarily by its sophisticated private investor, though we also have a small network of high net worth individuals from whom to consider additional investment if necessary. The principal of Trovare commits a substantial amount of his own capital to each transaction.

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