Investment Approach

Trovare's approach to investing is guided by a belief in focusing on certain proven core competencies, among them:

Rigorous and Rapid Due Diligence
Trovare is known throughout the financial community for the rigor and speed of its due diligence process in everything it does. The firm’s primary investor participates in Trovare’s investment reviews, in which every investment made by any of the firm's businesses is reviewed regularly and subjected to rigorous analysis and discussion.

Disciplined, Value-Oriented Investment Approach
Trovare's analysis of any investment opportunity is underpinned by rigorous due diligence and an intensely analytical focus on value. Trovare believes that this disciplined, value-oriented approach will always serve investors well in the pursuit of investment opportunities, even in an environment which may have flat or contracting valuation multiples over the holding period of an investment.

Focus on Out-of-Favor/Under-Appreciated Assets Industries
Trovare does not base investment decisions on swings in conventional wisdom about the attractiveness of assets and industries. The firm will invest in good companies even when the industry may be perceived to be out-of-favor with the markets.

Recognizing Value
Trovare's strength lies in finding and recognizing hidden value that others do not see value and structuring transactions creatively to extract and realize that value. The firm evaluates a substantial number of investments each year, but pursues only a small percentage, representing the highest potential opportunities.

Trovare creates value over time, through a combination of superior strategy and execution, coupled with an effective partnership among a company’s owners, managers and employees.

Trovare provides a strong network of value-adding relationships across various industries. The firm achieves this through cooperative relationships with major commercial banks and financial institutions, and through various corporate contacts.

A Commitment to Active Portfolio Management
Trovare and its primary investor take an active role in monitoring and supporting enhancement of equity value for its portfolio company investments. In recognition of the importance of initiating and supporting post-acquisition programs to enhance portfolio company value, Randy Cecola is responsible for monitoring the strategic, operational, and financial performance of Trovare's portfolio investments. All company professionals participate in regular portfolio company reviews utilizing key operating and financial performance metrics reported on Trovare’s Financial Reporting System and Operational Dashboards.

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