Deal Origination

Since its founding, Trovare has developed a unique set of skills and resources that position the firm to identify opportunities and consummate transactions on behalf of itself and its investor. Chief among them are a reputation as a serious and capable buyer and a formidable network of relationships throughout the investment and business communities. Together with Trovare’s track record, these attributes ensure that Trovare gets a good look at many excellent opportunities in the market.

Trovare evaluates dozens of potential investments each year. Once an opportunity has been identified, Trovare employs a number of strategies to secure a transaction. Whenever possible, Trovare works with companies and managers on an exclusive basis to develop transactions, as it has done with several of its portfolio companies. A less preferred route is the auction process, which, despite the drawbacks of competitive bidding, can lead to major successes.

Critical to consummating investments is Trovare’s ability to move quickly and decisively to analyze and assess potential investments. Trovare has developed unique capabilities for conducting due diligence, combining its strengths with an extremely effective legal and accounting support team. Management teams at existing Trovare companies often provide pivotal assistance by lending their expertise and judgment in identifying and assessing opportunities. Together, these capabilities enable Trovare to analyze significant, multi-faceted, multi-million dollar enterprises that few others would be able to review adequately.

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