A Time-Tested Approach to Building Value

Trovare’s goal since its founding has been to achieve high rates of return for its investor by investing capital for long-term appreciation. More than the size, number or even diversity of transactions, Trovare’s hallmark has always been the creative ability to see the hidden value that others do not see. In addition Trovare’s willingness and ability to seize opportunities quickly, remain flexible, and to continually and successfully adapt to changing market conditions have been key components of success.

The diverse nature of its investments over time reflects this versatility. Trovare has executed management buyouts of mature companies; taken leveraged "build-ups" from having no assets at all into a significant market player; made acquisitions in traditional growth industries; created stand-alone, independent companies from larger corporate parents; and made equity infusions to restructure highly leveraged companies, setting new standards for creativity, innovation, and flexibility in the process.

But for all that has changed throughout Trovare’s history, several things have remained constant. Among them are Trovare’s core investment principles, the bedrock of the firm’s success. Embedded in these principles is Trovare’s long-standing recognition that the closing of an acquisition is only the beginning of the process of delivering value. For Trovare, success in private investing depends not only on identifying and consummating acquisitions, but also cultivating and nurturing them.

Behind the scenes is a careful, painstaking, and well-honed methodology for identifying investment opportunities. And, as important, after a deal is done and the headlines are gone, Trovare embarks on years of diligent work along with the managements of its portfolio companies to realize the full potential of its acquisitions.

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A time-tested approach to building value
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